MONTHLY COACHING 6 hours of Exclusive Personal Shine Coaching Session ($1,800 value

FREE ACCESS to Effective Goal Setting online course ($37 value)
FREE ACCESS to Assumption Busting online course ($47 value)

I coach and lead individuals to their goals and shining power within! No matter what your goal is, I Be-Live that it’s not the resources but the resourcefulness that makes the difference and helps you get what you want in your life. And I am here to help you become more resourceful in your thinking. I even got awarded for my intergalactic mind technologies that I offer in my coaching :) So you are in very awesome hands. Just fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride, all the way up!

And here are some areas that I can really help you with:

  • Goal Setting, Achievement & Success Coaching
  • Shiny & Happy "Dream Life" Coaching
  • Personal Power, Warrior Mindset & Motivational Coaching 
  • Communication & Relationship Coaching
  • Career & Purpose Clarification Coaching
  • Personal Branding & Expert Positioning Coaching
  • Productivity, Time Management and  Coaching
  • Metaphysical & Big Picture Perspective Coaching

Just tell me which area I can help you with and get ready to rise and shine with me! :)

BONUS 1: FREE access to How to Get What You Want by Just Talking Smarter online course ($47 value)

BONUS 2: FREE Personality Test with 40 pages of behavior and value analysis ($150 value)

BONUS 3: 2 FREE tickets to one of my live events in Los Angeles! ($197 value)

This is the best deal you can get for this fabulous coaching package! 

CONGRATULATIONS for your wise choice! :)

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XOXO, The Shiny One